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Slippery Terrain: Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Slipping Away From You?

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So, did you make your resolutions for the New Year?  Are those resolutions slip-sliding away?  Does this happen to you every New Year? You are not alone.  According to statisticbrain.com, only 9.2% of people felt they succeeded in achieving their resolutions. That means a staggering 90.8% never realized theirs.

If you attempt to keep your New Year’s resolutions using sheer willpower, you may fall short. Attaining your goals requires a combination of attributes such as patience, focus, discipline, willpower, developing the proper skills and strategies, and insightful planning that gives you the edge to succeed.

Years ago, I used to make resolutions I was passionate about, and then, months, or even weeks later, wondered whatever happened to them, or forgot what they were because I lost focus.  Can you relate? This isn’t the case anymore. I want to share with you some of the key insights I learned and use daily, to help fulfill my goals.

1. Write down all your resolutions to see the whole picture, and then prioritize them.  Ask, “What am I sincerely striving towards?” Choose ONE goal that you are compelled to complete, no-matter-what.  Yes, it has to be “that” important to you to see it through.  Be very specific and detailed. Working on many resolutions at once can disperse your attention and energy, which can delay your progress in reaching your goal or throw you off course, so you never achieve your resolution.  You can always pursue another goal once you achieved the first one.

2. Ask, “WHY is this change important, and why do I have to shift?”  Create leverage and a “WHY” that is huge, so if you get derailed, it will give you renewed motivation and bring you back in alignment with your reason for initially pursuing it.  If you can’t come up with your big “WHY,” consider choosing a more inspiring resolution.

3. Commit to your resolution.  Achieving goals requires a strategic plan and an unwavering willingness to change.  Keeping your New Year’s resolution requires you to do what 91% of people are unwilling to do.  Are you in it to win it, or are you just curious to see what happens?

4. Make your goal realistic, achievable and concrete.  Otherwise, it is easy to become overwhelmed and disillusioned. Be specific.  “I want to lose 10 pounds a month for five months,” is far better than “I want to lose a ton of weight or be thinner soon.” Create a plan with achievable action steps and contingency plans so you can side-step any obstacles.

5. Set specific timelines and milestones for completing the resolution.  Evaluate and measure your progress.  Block out time specifically dedicated to doing what is necessary to move closer to your goal. Create new strategies if former ones are not working, and congratulate yourself when you move forward. If you get off track, don’t harshly judge yourself.  Go back to your big “WHY,” hop back on the rails and pick up where you left off.

6. Place your written resolution in several locations around your home and workplace where you can easily see and focus on it.  Read and verbalize your resolve with excitement and passion throughout the day to stay on track.

– To drive it home further, make a strong impact on your mind and emotions by visualizing stepping into the future, and seeing you have already succeeded.  Visualize it being easy to accomplish. Make it real. What is the sound, smell, feel, taste of achieving your resolution?  Acknowledge the positive impact on your life by meeting or exceeding your expectations.  Use positive emotions to strengthen your conviction. Do this exercise at least once a day for 5 minutes.  For a deeper impact, I recommend doing this technique twice a day; just before going to sleep and upon waking up.

– Always keep the goal in sight.  Small gains are still successes.  Acknowledge your progress with modest, but satisfying rewards, like a short walk on a sunny day, or a cup of your favorite coffee. Then, move towards the next milestone.

7. Remove anything that distracts you from your resolution, including distractions within your environment, such as checking email, social media, your cell phone, or friends and co-workers that may inadvertently tempt you to stray from your target.  Have you ever heard, “I know you are on a diet, but I made a delicious cake.  Have some.  One slice isn’t going to kill you?” 

8. Find an accountability partner that will hold you to your commitment, or share your goals with people who care and will support you once a week or more.  Having a solid support group, who listen, can lift and inspire you if you start to lose motivation.

– Two of the most important things I found to achieve my resolutions successfully are BELIEVING it is possible, and making the necessary sacrifices to accomplish it.  If doubt sneaks in, I quickly release it, go back to my big “WHY,” and thank Source for being present in my life.  This aligns, inspires, and motivates me to cross the finish line.

– When you believe in yourself and apply the strategies listed above, you are on your way to joining the top 9% who attain their goals and live their dreams.

I am interested to know how you are doing with your New Year’s resolutions.  Write to me in the comments section on the blog. Like and Share this information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, with family, friends, and co-workers.

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