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Principles for Living – Part 6

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15. Integrity.

-One of the most important virtues in successfully navigating our lives and the choices we make is integrity.  Conflicting feelings and desires, peer pressure, decisions, material temptations, and the actions we implement, are heavily influenced by our integrity.  It is integrity-blog-summer-landscape-1500748_1280foundational to a person’s character and supports us in standing tall and empowered.  In fact, integrity builds character.  Consistently exemplifying moral and ethical practices, whether alone or, if you are in the presence of others, is a substantive indicator of integrity. 

-Upholding integrity can also be subtle, and we are often put to the test on little things daily.  It is useful to check in on yourself every so often.  For example, ask yourself:

-Am I always honest with myself and others or do I exaggerate, even a little?

-Am I fully accountable for everything that happens in my life, or do I make excuses or have alibis?

-Do I honor my commitments and do what I say I will?

-Do I arrive on time for my appointments and meetings, or do I keep people waiting and then make excuses why I am late?

-Am I doing my best always to be fair and look for win-win situations?

-Do I choose to take the “higher road” even if no one knows about it?

-Do I gossip?

-Do I say “no” when it is necessary?

-Do I have internal conflicts about what I know I should do and what I want to do?

-I know of a situation where someone went to the ATM to withdraw some money, and an extra $20 bill came out of the machine.  They were new bills, so two $20 bills came out together.  That person immediately went inside to one of the bank officers, handed them the $20 bill and explained that she received $20 more than what she entered in the ATM. 

-The bank officer went into the customer’s account, leaned over to her and whispered “the extra money withdrawn does not reflect in your account.  Here, take it.  That’s what I would do if that happened to me!”  The customer refused the money and told the bank officer she wanted nothing to do with it.  She then left the bank and would never work with that bank officer on any of her accounts or future business again.

-Integrity has the final say in decisions.  You either uphold it or you don’t.  When you are congruent with your integrity, it is easier to be happy and sleep restfully at night, knowing your conduct and beliefs are harmonious and aligned. 

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