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Principles for Living – Part 5

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In my opinion, these are two of the most important principles to encourage harmony, peace and improved relationships with others.

prin-5-offer-442904_192013. Respect yourself.

-Respecting yourself is accepting, trusting, and believing in yourself.  You are comfortable in your skin and honor your integrity, dignity, values, and talents.

-Self-respect is a way of being.  People can spot it immediately.  When you stand tall, dress well, and look people in the eye when you speak with them, or shake their hand with a firm and confident handshake, you are non-verbally letting them know you respect yourself and people will often respond in kind.  They will be more open to listening to you or buying your product because they will have a tendency to see you as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

 14. Respect others.

-As a young adult, I was told, “you can always tell how ‘big’ a person is by the way he or she treats others when no one else is looking.”

-Treat others as you want to be treated.  Apply the same positive values and attitudes to everyone, including their personal rights and the time they spend with you.

-Demonstrating respectful behavior translates into all areas of your life.  Communications and alliances in relationships professionally, personally, spiritually and socially become more effective and appreciated, and can enrich your life and the lives with whom you interact. 


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Dr. Rothbell formerly practiced chiropractic in NY. She is currently in private practice as a life coach, an advanced energy management practitioner, seminar leader, and public speaker. She has found her purpose helping others master the skills they need to champion their lives and live their dreams.

Dr. Rothbell specializes in two main areas; the first is personal growth and development, success, and self-empowerment; coaching her international clientele to remove the obstacles that block them from getting to the next level and to find a deeper sense of purpose, inner strength, success and fulfillment to enrich their lives, relationships, health and careers.

The second specialty is helping those experiencing fear, guilt or grief and those in crisis, to find fast practical solutions, release pain and suffering and experience an inner freedom that brings them more “Light, Love, and Power”, inner peace, balance and a deeper and stronger alignment with their higher purpose in Life.

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