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Principles for Living – Part 4

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11. Be tolerant of others; be patient.

-No one is an island.  We live in a closely connected and integrated world with many cultures, beliefs, and opinions.  We are unique unto ourselves, and we express individualized ways of thinking and behaving.  

-Allowing, accepting andlion-with-cub-tolerance-blog-principles-for-living-pt-4-istock_37472102_medium respecting others whose ideas and practices are different, creates a forum in which people can learn and grow from each other.  You may not always understand another person’s ways, but behaving fairly and honestly towards others demonstrates a “higher” behavioral consciousness for people to follow.  Sometimes this is challenging since everyone has their opinions of what is best.

-If others aren’t aligning with your belief system, the other person(s) can get on your nerves at times.  It is difficult to make the best decisions when you’re looking through the veils of your ego and pride.  That’s when understanding, patience, and tolerance of others plays its part in making better choices and creating positive outcomes. 

-Everyone wants to be loved and accepted even if they won’t admit it.  Giving others the space to be who they are without judgement harmonizes groups as well as creates a peacefulness within yourself.  Harmony through diversity leads to a path of mutual growth and enrichment.

-Tolerance and patience are essential at work, in family relationships and all areas of your life.

12. Be tolerant and patient with yourself. You are growing and will make mistakes.

-As you practice tolerance with others, do the same for yourself.  We often are our worst critics and sabotage or disempower ourselves through harsh self-judgements and self-deprecating inner-talk.  No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes, learn from them and move forward.  

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