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Principles for Living – Part 3

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Continuing to make strides in our lives, applying the next two principles can impart more happiness and fulfillment into your life experience.

9. Know tPrin For Living 3 - sun-flower-1195671_640hat you are love.

-Love heals.  Love is all around you at all times, even if it doesn’t feel like it.  You just need to connect to it.  It is innate to our being and is an essential human need.  Love transforms, nurtures, revitalizes, and gives life, inspiration, and hope.

-There are different levels of love.  Higher Love is more than affection and desire.  It is detached, spontaneous and selfless, not asking anything in return.  It is a universal love that is concerned with the good of the whole rather than the individual and leads to greater unity, inclusiveness, and acceptance.  Love shines within every one of us and can be turned on or off like a switch.  Choose to open your heart to others.

10. Learn to give Love, Joy, and Light to others, always.

-The more you love, the more you can radiate the vibration and beauty of love to others.

-As you find joy in your life through gratitude, appreciation and good works, opportunities for you to share the energy or vibration of joy become apparent.  Radiate your inner glow.  Make Joy contagious.

-Light, as I refer to it here, relates to the light of understanding, intelligence, and wisdom.  Knowledge + life experience + sound judgement = Wisdom.  Everyone has life experiences that can turn into lessons learned.  Share what you learned in life and help others to grow and become more useful to society. 

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