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Principles For Living – Part 12

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27. Thank All Higher Beings for Their Help.

-There is a commonality that exists, regardless of a person’s religious or spiritual orientation, in that there are Divine Beings and a Divine Source of Life.  prin-for-lin-pt-12-cattail-674343Whether we speak of God, angels, divine deities/saints, divine helpers, and more, most people will agree there are Divine powers that help guide and protect us.

-Many people ask favors of Divine Beings, but not as often do they humbly thank these Beings for all they do and have done for them.  Gratitude and appreciation create a strong connection to one’s divinity and energy.

-Have you ever prayed or invoked a Divine Being, and suddenly you felt something positive, like peace or a good feeling, or the answer you were searching for?  That was a response.  Your prayer or invocation was answered in some way.  Everyone has an experience and connection that is unique to them.  When this happens to me, I consider the experience a sacred connection and am deeply moved and grateful.  It keeps me grounded, humble, and in awe of the omniscience, omnipotence, and love that exists at higher spiritual levels, and to which we humans can connect.

 28. Allow Time To Meditate, Pray, or Be Silent

-Most people will tell you their lives are very busy with packed schedules.  Life can get hectic and has a way of throwing us curve balls.  To keep more peace and balance during those times, begin your day with meditation, prayer, contemplation or complete silence and slow deep breathing.  Find a quiet spot that will be your special area to go to every morning where you will be free from interruptions.  I use an extra bedroom as a meditation room.  This room is peaceful and I get inspired and optimistic when I enter it.

-Numerous studies over the years show meditation boosts health, happiness, and success.  For you to be as effective as possible during work and play, take some time every day to find peace and balance.

29. Shine and Sparkle.

-You are one of a kind.  There is no one else like you.  Bring your special gifts to the forefront and share them with everyone who is receptive.  Let your individuality shine brightly. 

This concludes the series, Principles For Living.  Of course, there is much more to discuss, but this is a good start.  I hope you enjoyed reading and contemplating them as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.  If you commit to practicing and incorporating these 29 principles into your daily life, many positive changes can occur internally that can show up externally as well; in your relationships, work, and more.

Incorporate the principles into your life at a pace that works for you. Keep it simple.  Start with baby steps, so the changes are more achievable and lasting.  If you do commit, write me in the comments section of the blog and let me know how your life is changing.  I want to support you in your transformation and commitment to a greater, more successful life.

Warmest wishes for a beautiful and fulfilling life!

Dr. Claudia “Chloe” Rothbell

P.S.  Also, write to me in the comments section, and let me know what topics interest you so I can blog about it.

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