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Principles for Living – Part 11

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25. Strive To Balance All Areas Of Your Life.

-Do your best to incorporate and combine the most important areas of your life into your daily or weekly schedule to achieve a more enjoyable and satisfying lifestyle.

-I use a system that partitions life into five areas: career/work, family/home, health/recreation, social/environmental contribution, and spiritual.  If you can balance prin-for-liv-pt-11-balance-110850your career with other important areas of your life, you will experience greater self-fulfillment and satisfaction. Incorporate time spent in one area of life with another area of life.  For example, your family going on an outing with a friend’s family (family/home with social), or bringing your children to work with you (career/work with family/home) satisfies two areas of your life at one time. 

-Too often people’s lives are lopsided, spending much more time in one area and not enough in others.  In the long run, this increases stress and eventually leads to feeling empty or incomplete.  Too much time spent in any one area, like working to succeed while sacrificing precious moments with family; or spending excessive time socializing and not enough time contributing your talents to help others or developing your spirituality or religious connectivity, ultimately leads to a void on some level.

-The balance is not necessarily allocating 20% of your time for each area, but rather designing a life that brings you harmony and into alignment with your best self as well as decreasing stress, while increasing joy.

26. Live Your Purpose.

-Why were you brought into this world at the particular time you were born?  Did you ever ask yourself that question?  What’s your true purpose in this lifetime and will you ever fulfill it?

-The quest for purpose is a journey and requires time, patience and surrendering to your Soul and Source.  Some people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose.  Even if you feel a little lost right now, stay the course.  If you believe and embody an internal acceptance that you are guided and protected by the love, wisdom, intelligence and power of Source, you may become aware of the subtle and not so subtle signs when Divine Guidance presents itself.  It is all in surrendering and allowing, so Source can take over and guide your path this lifetime.  Many people try to control every situation in their lives, as well as things out of their control.  The need to control increases stress and drains their energy.  Finding your purpose through the process of surrender is not giving up your power, it is profoundly empowering by allowing you to flow with a higher guidance and direction.

-If you could do and be anything you want without limitations, what would it be?  What drives you to get up every morning and greet the world?  Are you bringing value and having a positive impact on others?  Find what makes you whole, brings deep satisfaction, joy and fulfillment and do what you love.  In time, your path will be shown to you.  Just be open and aware.

Pass this along to a friend or family member who may need to read this.  Let me know your thoughts and if you are living a life of balance and purpose or not.

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