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Principles For Living-List

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I received a number of requests to compile a list of the 29 Principles in the 12-part series, Principles For Living, that I had written in my Blog.  This list is arranged so prin-for-liv-list-11-30-2016-landscape-1843128you can easily go to my Blog’s home page at DrClaudiaChloeRothbell.com and search for the Blog you are interested in by the title.

I am grateful and inspired by your comments, letting me know how implementing these principles are changing your lives.  Thank you for continuing to share this information with others who want to grow, find deeper levels of happiness and prosperity, and take action to excel in their lives.

8/18/16             Principles for Living – Part 1

                         *1.  Keep Your Word To Others.

                         *2.  Keep Your Word To Yourself.

                         *3.  Remain Open And Listen Carefully.

                         *4.  Care About Each Person You Are With, And Let Them                                                     Know You Care.

8/24/16             Principles for Living – Part 2

                         *5.  Think Big – See The Big Picture.

                         *6.  Don’t Feel Others Owe You Anything.  Think About                                                         What You Can Do To Help Others.

                         *7.  Be Proactive.  Don’t Wait For Others To Do Things                                                            For You.

                         *8.  Come From A Place Of Love And Truth.

9/8/16               Principles for Living – Part 3

                         *9.  Know That You Are Love.

                         *10.  Learn To Give Love, Joy, And Light To Others,                                                                    Always.

9/14/16             Principles for Living – Part 4

                         *11.  Be Tolerant Of Others; Be Patient.

                         *12.  Be Tolerant And Patient With Yourself.  You Are                                                              Growing And Will Make Mistakes.

9/24/16             Principles for Living – Part 5

                         *13.  Respect Yourself.

                         *14.  Respect Others.

9/29/16             Principles for Living – Part 6

                         *15.  Integrity

10/5/16             Principles for Living – Part 7

                         *16.  Let Go. Just Be.

10/12/16           Principles for Living – Part 8

                         *17.  Incorporate Intelligent Hard Work Into All Areas Of                                                         Your Life To Achieve Your Goals And Strategies.

10/19/16           Principles for Living – Part 9

                         *18.  Increase Your Will Power To Execute Your Ideas                                                              And Strategies

                         *19.  Develop Your Mind.  Feed It High-Quality Mental                                                             Nutrition Daily.

                         *20.  Maintain Emotional Balance.

                         *21.  Honor Your Body And Your Health.

10/26/16           Principles for Living – Part 10

                         *22.  Be Resilient.

                         *23.  Be True To Yourself.

                         *24.  Express Compassion.

11/3/16             Principles for Living – Part 11

                         *25.  Strive To Balance All Areas Of Your Life.

                         *26.  Live Your Purpose.

11/9/16             Principles for Living – Part 12

                         *27.  Thank All Higher Beings For Their Help.

                         *28.  Allow Time For Silence, Meditation, Or Prayer.

                         *29.  Shine And Sparkle.





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