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Principles For Living-List

I received a number of requests to compile a list of the 29 Principles in the 12-part series, Principles For Living, that I had written in my Blog. This list is arranged so you can easily go to my Blog’s home page at DrClaudiaChloeRothbell.com and search for the Blog you are interested in by the title.

I am grateful and inspired by your comments, letting…(click headline to read more)

Many Thanks

I am writing to express thanks and appreciation to all who subscribed to my blog and have been very supportive of my coaching sessions/energy work, seminars/workshops, and public speaking engagements.
As I have said many times, “life is a journey and although we may think we have a map to our final destination, sometimes the universe unexpectedly provides us with a different route.” The twists and turns in life can create…(click headline to read more)

Principles For Living – Part 12

27. Thank All Higher Beings for Their Help.
-There is a commonality that exists, regardless of a person’s religious or spiritual orientation, in that there are Divine Beings and a Divine Source of Life. Whether we speak of God, angels, divine deities/saints, divine helpers, and more, most people will agree…(click headline to read more)

Principles for Living – Part 11

25. Strive To Balance All Areas Of Your Life.
-Do your best to incorporate and combine the most important areas of your life into your daily or weekly schedule to achieve a more enjoyable and satisfying lifestyle.
-I use a system that partitions life into five areas: career/work, family/home, health/recreation, social/environmental contribution and spiritual. If you can balance your career with…(click headline to read more)

Principles for Living – Part 10

22. Be Resilient.
-Learn to spring back or land on your feet and keep moving forward when your life seems to get stretched too far or things do not go your way. Recovering and rebounding from adversity is key to a successful life.

23. Be True to Yourself.
-In a previous blog, I wrote that our true nature is love. From my perspective, anything distancing yourself from love is moving away from our true core as human beings. When we align with our spiritual purpose, love naturally flows.
-Be authentic and follow … (click headline to read more)

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Dr. Rothbell formerly practiced chiropractic in NY. She is currently in private practice as a certified life coach, an advanced subtle energy management specialist, seminar leader, and public speaker. She has found her purpose helping others master the skills they need to champion their lives and live their dreams.

Dr. Rothbell specializes in two main areas; the first is personal growth and development, success, and self-empowerment; coaching her international clientele to remove the obstacles that block them from getting to the next level and to find a deeper sense of purpose, inner strength, success and fulfillment to enrich their lives, relationships, health and careers.

The second specialty is helping those experiencing fear, guilt or grief and those in crisis, to find fast practical solutions, release pain and suffering and experience an inner freedom that brings them more “Light, Love, and Power”, inner peace, balance and a deeper and stronger alignment with their higher purpose in Life.

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