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Yesterday I watched a video of sculptures that were extraordinary.  The creativity of the artists is spectacular.  Their collective works inspired me, so I decided to write about how we as humans were born to create.  Look at the natural, uncensored creativity of a child.  Remember how that felt?  In a child’s imagination, there are no boundaries.  The beauty of artists is they see past limitation and focus on possibilities.  Spending a few minutes daily to daydream and express yourself can ignite your creativity.  Our imagination is infinite until we restrict it.  Remove our self-limiting beliefs that we are not creative, and we soar! 

Creativity abounds in all of us, even if we think we aren’t creative.  Every thought we have is a creative idea, positive, neutral, or negative.  What we focus on, we energize.  Therefore, it is crucial to ruminate on the positive.

If you agree we are part of the Divine Creative Power, then creativity must flow within us as well.  Allow yourself to appreciate and experience new things.  Be open to possibilities.  Let go of fear and self-doubt that you may not be a creative person, and replace it with curiosity.  As people “mature,” they often begin to take themselves too seriously and forget how to play.  Playfulness and laughter are essential to creativity and staying young at heart.

The creative mind is always available if we know how to access it.  Only we can cut ourselves off from our creative flow.  We feel blocked when we aren’t naturally flowing with life.  So, what does that mean?  We are out of alignment with our true essence and are not congruent with our beliefs and core values.  If this happens, don’t force it.  Gently bring yourself back to your center.  How?  Quiet your thoughts by breathing slowly and deeply until you are calm and relaxed.  As you breathe, to make the experience more powerful, focus on your navel, a natural energy center.  Navel breathing will help re-vitalize and center you.  Once you are calm and aligned, repeat a positive affirmation many times like, “I am open and flowing with the creative energy of life.”   

Surrender to the flow of life and surround yourself with things that inspire you, such as music, art, beautiful colors and fragrances, enjoyable relationships, and mentor(s).  Look for the tiny things in life that enrich and vivify your joy, like a baby’s smile, a puppy playing, or feeling an ocean breeze on your cheeks.  Express yourself, allowing life’s unexpected pleasures to spark your passion and innate creativity.

Embedded below is the video that moved me to write this blog.  Enjoy.


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Dr. Claudia “Chloe” Rothbell

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Dr. Rothbell formerly practiced chiropractic in NY. She is currently in private practice as a certified life coach, an advanced energy management practitioner, seminar leader, and public speaker. She has found her purpose helping others master the skills they need to champion their lives and live their dreams.

Dr. Rothbell specializes in two main areas; the first is personal growth and development, success, and self-empowerment; coaching her international clientele to remove the obstacles that block them from getting to the next level and to find a deeper sense of purpose, inner strength, success and fulfillment to enrich their lives, relationships, health and careers.

The second specialty is helping those experiencing fear, guilt or grief and those in crisis, to find fast practical solutions, release pain and suffering and experience an inner freedom that brings them more “Light, Love, and Power”, inner peace, balance and a deeper and stronger alignment with their higher purpose in Life.

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