Many Thanks

I am writing to express thanks and appreciation to all who subscribed to my blog and have been very supportive of my coaching sessions/energy work, seminars/workshops, and public speaking engagements.
As I have said many times, “life is a journey and although we may think we have a map to our final destination, sometimes the universe unexpectedly provides us with a different route.” The twists and turns in life can create…(click headline to read more)

Principles For Living – Part 12

27. Thank All Higher Beings for Their Help.
-There is a commonality that exists, regardless of a person’s religious or spiritual orientation, in that there are Divine Beings and a Divine Source of Life. Whether we speak of God, angels, divine deities/saints, divine helpers, and more, most people will agree…(click headline to read more)

Principles for Living – Part 11

25. Strive To Balance All Areas Of Your Life.
-Do your best to incorporate and combine the most important areas of your life into your daily or weekly schedule to achieve a more enjoyable and satisfying lifestyle.
-I use a system that partitions life into five areas: career/work, family/home, health/recreation, social/environmental contribution and spiritual. If you can balance your career with…(click headline to read more)

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