Principles for Living – Part 6

15. Integrity.

One of the most important virtues in successfully navigating our lives and the choices we make is integrity. Conflicting feelings and desires, peer pressure, decisions, material temptations, and the actions we implement, are heavily influenced by… (click headline to read more)

Principles for Living – Part 5

In my opinion, these are two of the most important principles to encourage harmony, peace and improved relationships with others.

13. Respect yourself.
Respecting yourself is accepting, trusting, and believing in yourself. You are comfortable in your skin and honor your integrity, dignity, values, and talents.
Self-respect is a way of being. People can spot… (click headline to read more)

Principles for Living – Part 4

11. Be tolerant of others; be patient.
No one is an island. We live in a closely connected and integrated world with many cultures, beliefs, and opinions. We are unique unto ourselves, and we express individualized ways of thinking and behaving.

Allowing, accepting and respecting others whose ideas and practices are different, creates a forum in which people can… (click headline to read more)

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